Decking Bay Of Plenty

Decking Bay Of Plenty

Groundworks Landscaping Ltd knows that decking bay of plenty had been the life line of decking for a very long time. But they had some problems like regular maintenance that required scrubbing, discoloration that required bleaching and stains whose removal became a routine. Not only that, but splintering, warping and rotting of these materials were most common that required constant attention and replacement of the affected parts. These problems led for a quest in search for alternatives. In the early 90s when an alternate at last arrived in the market, in the form of composite decking, customers were fascinated and rushed to try it. But initially there were some hiccups but there was a steady improvement in quality and composition in composite decking and now it is the most preferred decking option. Worldwide only a few advanced further and further in altering and bettering the quality of composite decking and we are one of the best who constantly thrive for development in achieving the best results.

The present day market in composite decking offers you with many options to choose from and there are reasons why only a selected few are considered world leaders. Those particular reasons that we share with you in this post have made us the top choice of customers. The decking bay of plenty is a great alternative for wood and timber but it is also essential to retain certain good properties of wood while adding value to it by eliminating the disadvantages the predecessor had. These two goals are achieved by proper proportion of wood and PVC. Just blending them alone do not ensure a quality product but there are other things that require attention and research.

When two materials with different chemical and physical properties are blended, the law of nature always tries to go against it and tries to separate them in every way possible. But scientific brains find solution for every challenge posed by nature and we also have fought the phenomenon by devising the right bonding agents that ensure uniform blending and tough bondage between the two different materials that lasts long. Like the bondage we have with our customers, the composite decking we make also has a lovable bondage between wood and plastic that lives forever.



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